Vulture’s Knob

Upcoming Events:

May 1, 2011: 331 Racing 2011 Kick Off Downhill Race: Race Report and Results

July 17, 2011: Vultures Knob Double Down Downhill Race

For more information, check out 331 Racing’s website.


Vulture’s Knob is known for it’s quirky XC trails that have evolved over the years and a great XC race series.  What some may not know is that 331 racing is now operating the venue, and they have added some very cool gravity oriented trails.  There is not as much vertical here as Mohican or Horns, but you don’t need a lot to have fun.  The downhill tracks here will improve your technical skills, build fitness, and definitely bring a smile to your face!

The Trails:

Freeride: There are some older “freeride” structures at the top of the hill that are worth a quick play on if you’re out for a XC ride.  Future plans include a “big hit” area in the shale pit with some drops and big gap jumps.

Dirt Jumps: Nothing yet, but eventually we could see a line form in the shale pit area.

Dual Slalom: Dirt has been moved for what could be a very cool dual slalom course.

Slope Style: Plans are to put a dirt park right next to the dual slalom.  There are some features started, but it’s still very rough.

Super D: There is a undefined line in place, but it’s pedally and you’d need a local to show you.  331 wants to improve it to include jumps and more flow.

Downhill: Our new courses are complete!  There are three lines, with a fourth option coming:

  • DH1 Intermediate: The top 2/3 of the trail is quite flat, with a very short uphill section that requires some pedaling.  There are loads of different sized jumps and some very sweet berms towards the bottom.
  • DH2 Advanced: This branches left off from DH1 about 1/3 the way down.  It has a fast flat section through the trees before it drops you over the edge of Fern Gully into some tricky catch berms and a wide flat corner with multiple line options.  It finishes with a traverse over to the push up path.
  • DH3 Expert: This branches left off from DH2 and drops into some steep, flat corners, followed by a flat finish through the Fern Gully creek.
  • Super D connector (planned):  This will be a great addition, connecting DH1 to the very cool Super D finish in a little ravine.

In reality, all the trails are intermediate level, with a few advanced features and sections.  We were never going to have world class DH trails at Vulture’s Knob given the topography, but what we will have is a handful of trails that are fun to ride and keep us entertained, building skills and fitness for larger tracks.  A training area really.

A few cautionary notes:

  • These trails have expert features, some of which are not rollable!  
  • Walk the trails before riding, look before you leap!
  • Helmet is mandatory.  Full face helmet, gloves, and body armor recommended.
  • Ride within your limits.


Top of the future DS and slopestyle areas.

The 331 boys enjoying a little cold beverage after a lot of hard work!

Hey, it's me! Riding the berms at the bottom of the Intermediate trail.Pic by Sean McDermott,

If you’ve made it this far, you deserve some video.  Blanton but this together with clips from spring 2011:

Vulture’s Knob DH from Blanton Unger on Vimeo.


Near Wooster, OH.


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  1. zac twine

    hey there i’m a downhiller lookin for any an all info on races ect in ohio.. any news is good news so let me kno!

    live love ride…

    February 12, 2011 at 8:18 pm

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