Ohio Fantasy DH League

Dirt Fantasy League is Back

World Cup Downhill is awesome. Watching it live on Red Bull with 10 cameras is awesome. Having a free fantasy league to compete against your friends is awesome.

If you create a team, go to “Enter New League”. The PIN for the Ohio Downhill league is 411. Join up!


Mike C wins the Ohio Downhill Fantasy League

OK, this is old news.  You guys probably checked the scores weeks ago, but what can I say, I’m (a) delinquent.  I can’t believe this World Cup season is already over, but the good news is the riding season locally is just getting good!  No more bugs and heat!

Good job to Mike C who ruled it despite having an off start and blaming it on me!

And if you missed watching the World Champs, you missed one of the best moments in downhill history.  Truly awesome riding and it was such a trip to get caught up in the excitement of the moment.  Let’s hope Freecaster are back next year!

Ohio Downhill :
Pos.  Team Manager Mn. Pts.
Last Updated: 19/09/2011 14:24:18
81  331 Racing Mike Colonna 817 4386
259  Hightowers Bradley Smith 1057 4142
287  Reptilian Overlords Josh Rhea 857 4119
330  Jim Laheys TP Boys Blanton Unger 782 4085
342  Witness the Quickness Aaron Neumann 738 4073
406  1-UP F. S. Kugi 575 4025
612  Orange Squash Louisa Neumann 982 3881
904  Paradise Garage david binkley 397 3736
978  DTB Warriors Dave Huff 880 3714
1819  Z Jon Ziring 686 3407
2332  Titanium07DH Wally Connare 681 3232
3338  Wattage dan watts 451 2897
3564  Mikeys World Racing Team Michael Valach Jr 465 2823
5296  The Controlled Crashes Jake Hostetler 155 1724

WC#4 Scores on the Doors

Season is in full swing now, and holy cow – what a race at MSA!  Loads of drama, loads of new faces on the podium, and some insanely talented riding – it was great to watch.  Mike C thrashed us all this round with Gwin, Bryceland, and Brosnan – 3 of the top 6 spots! Some of us are headed up to Windham today and tomorrow to catch the next one live and hit the GES. Can’t wait!

Ohio Downhill :
Pos.  Team Manager Mn. Pts.
Last Updated: 06/07/2011 17:22:14
115  331 Racing Mike Colonna 0 2310
158  1-UP F. S. Kugi 0 2274
243  Paradise Garage david binkley 0 2211
395  Reptilian Overlords Josh Rhea 0 2128
394  Jim Laheys TP Boys Blanton Unger 0 2128
665  Witness the Quickness Aaron Neumann 0 2017
847  Hightowers Bradley Smith 0 1956
1555  Wattage dan watts 0 1790
1597  Orange Squash Louisa Neumann 0 1782
1674  Z Jon Ziring 0 1768
2154  Mikeys World Racing Team Michael Valach Jr 0 1681
2328  Titanium07DH Wally Connare 0 1646
2821  DTB Warriors Dave Huff 0 1549
4840  The Controlled Crashes Jake Hostetler 0 1087

WC#3 Mini-League finally updated!

Holy smokes, it’s World Cup time again and I haven’t even updated the League results from Leogang! I guess that’s what happens when the weather’s finally turned nice – who wants to be on a computer?  Well here’s the update, and get ready for MSA. Don’t forget to get your transfers in before 7 PM Thursday!

Rank Team Owner Pts.
35 Paradise Garage david binkley 1790
246 1-UP F. S. Kugi 1641
279 Jim Laheys TP Boys Blanton Unger 1627
484 331 Racing Mike Colonna 1558
886 Reptilian Overlords Josh Rhea 1461
976 Witness the Quickness Aaron Neumann 1444
1019 Wattage dan watts 1435
1342 Mikeys World Racing Team Michael Valach Jr 1377
1422 Z Jon Ziring 1365
1531 Orange Squash Louisa Neumann 1351
1889 Hightowers Bradley Smith 1297
2355 Titanium07DH Wally Connare 1219
3853 DTB Warriors Dave Huff 989
4397 The Controlled Crashes Jake Hostetler 889



WC #2 Mini-League Results

Well, Dave is still in the lead with his Paradise Garage team.  Blanton makes a big jump into 2nd with his TP boys.  Seems like T-Mo has been the winning ticket!

And if you didn’t see the race, you missed on heckuva show!  Brook MacDonald came out of no where and held the hot seat for ages, and Danny Hart’s ride was just legendary, he was so stoked with 2nd place.  If you liked Hill, you’ll love Hart!

Rank Team Pts.
Last Updated: 07/06/2011 15:44:23
65 Pop up for more info Paradise Garage david binkley 1218
271 Pop up for more info Jim Laheys TP Boys Blanton Unger 1109
350 Pop up for more info 1-UP F. S. Kugi 1084
863 Pop up for more info Reptilian Overlords Josh Rhea 974
1008 Pop up for more info Witness the Quickness Aaron Neumann 953
1122 Pop up for more info Wattage dan watts 937
1217 Pop up for more info 331 Racing Mike Colonna 924
1380 Pop up for more info Mikeys World Racing Team Michael Valach Jr 904
1462 Pop up for more info Z Jon Ziring 893
1744 Pop up for more info Titanium07DH Wally Connare 860
2195 Pop up for more info Orange Squash Louisa Neumann 804
2619 Pop up for more info Hightowers Bradley Smith 756
4044 Pop up for more info DTB Warriors Dave Huff 558
4140 Pop up for more info The Controlled Crashes Jake Hostetler 54

Here’s the highlights in case you’ve been living under a rock…


(Argh, can’t get it to embed!)

WC Rnd1 Mini-League Results

Congrats to Dave and his Paradise Garage team…sweet picks man! Perhaps the rest of us should have had more faith in Gwin, he certainly delivered! First American World Cup winner in 12 years!

Ohio Downhill :
Pos.  Team Manager Mn. Pts.
Last Updated: 28/04/2011 13:35:26
46  Paradise Garage david binkley 633 633
215  Reptilian Overlords Josh Rhea 584 584
235  1-UP F. S. Kugi 574 574
245  Jim Laheys TP Boys Blanton Unger 572 572
881  Titanium07DH Wally Connare 491 491
986  Wattage dan watts 483 483
1101  Z Jon Ziring 472 472
1162  Witness the Quickness Aaron Neumann 467 467
1848  331 Racing Mike Colonna 414 414
1892  Mikeys World Racing Team Michael Valach Jr 411 411
3146  Hightowers Bradley Smith 312 312
3267  The Controlled Crashes Jake Hostetler 302 302
3552  Orange Squash Louisa Neumann 270 270
3927  DTB Warriors Dave Huff 224 224

Register Now for Ohio Downhill Fantasy Downhill Mini-League!

Right guys and gals, if you’re a World Cup downhill fan this should make things much more interesting.  Plus, you get the chance to win a Trek Session 88!  Here’s how:

1. Register a team with Dirt’s Fantasy Downhill League (http://dirtfantasyleague.com/default.aspx)

  • This is a thinking man’s game…you get 7 transfers and it’s done on UCI points.  Since 1st place gets a lot more points than 2nd place, you’re going to want to pick the winner for both men and women.

2. After setting up your team, click “Mini-League” in the upper right.  Then click “Join Mini-League” and select “Ohio Downhill”.  The password is “ohiodownhill”.

I’ll post up our mini-league results after each round.  Should be fun!

And I’ll be having my traditional World Cup Breakfasts on race Sundays.  Live racing on the big screen with eggs and bacon…come on now!  More details to follow.