Mohican Wilderness Logged

Fortune has not smiled on the mountain bikers who like to use the trails at Mohican Wilderness. Two weeks ago much of the hillside to the East of Tree Frog’s canopy tour was logged, and you know what kind of mess logging leaves behind. From what I understand, both the XC and DH trails were affected. While the Rock trail was spared, Powerline and Trail 3 were in bad shape.

Thankfully, we have a couple of good folks in our corner. Word from the internetz is that Powerline has already been cleaned up. And even better, Kent Schaffer from Kim’s Bikes in Loudonville has been talking with the land owner to see what’s next for the trails at the Wilderness. You can catch up with the latest in this thread on OMBA’s forum.

I don’t know the official status of whether the trails are open or not at the moment. Regardless, we should not do any trail work without the consent of the land owner. If you do want to help restore the trails, it seems the best point of contact right now is Kent ( Hopefully there will be an official trail maintenance day scheduled for this spring.

Hopefully this beloved spot, which most consider Ohio’s best downhill trails, can be restored or better yet improved to benefit everyone. Your support would be greatly appreciated!


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