Mike C wins the Ohio Downhill Fantasy League

OK, this is old news.  You guys probably checked the scores weeks ago, but what can I say, I’m (a) delinquent.  I can’t believe this World Cup season is already over, but the good news is the riding season locally is just getting good!  No more bugs and heat!

Good job to Mike C who ruled it despite having an off start and blaming it on me!

And if you missed watching the World Champs, you missed one of the best moments in downhill history.  Truly awesome riding and it was such a trip to get caught up in the excitement of the moment.  Let’s hope Freecaster are back next year!

Ohio Downhill :
Pos.  Team Manager Mn. Pts.
Last Updated: 19/09/2011 14:24:18
81  331 Racing Mike Colonna 817 4386
259  Hightowers Bradley Smith 1057 4142
287  Reptilian Overlords Josh Rhea 857 4119
330  Jim Laheys TP Boys Blanton Unger 782 4085
342  Witness the Quickness Aaron Neumann 738 4073
406  1-UP F. S. Kugi 575 4025
612  Orange Squash Louisa Neumann 982 3881
904  Paradise Garage david binkley 397 3736
978  DTB Warriors Dave Huff 880 3714
1819  Z Jon Ziring 686 3407
2332  Titanium07DH Wally Connare 681 3232
3338  Wattage dan watts 451 2897
3564  Mikeys World Racing Team Michael Valach Jr 465 2823
5296  The Controlled Crashes Jake Hostetler 155 1724

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