WC#3 Mini-League finally updated!

Holy smokes, it’s World Cup time again and I haven’t even updated the League results from Leogang! I guess that’s what happens when the weather’s finally turned nice – who wants to be on a computer?  Well here’s the update, and get ready for MSA. Don’t forget to get your transfers in before 7 PM Thursday!

Rank Team Owner Pts.
35 Paradise Garage david binkley 1790
246 1-UP F. S. Kugi 1641
279 Jim Laheys TP Boys Blanton Unger 1627
484 331 Racing Mike Colonna 1558
886 Reptilian Overlords Josh Rhea 1461
976 Witness the Quickness Aaron Neumann 1444
1019 Wattage dan watts 1435
1342 Mikeys World Racing Team Michael Valach Jr 1377
1422 Z Jon Ziring 1365
1531 Orange Squash Louisa Neumann 1351
1889 Hightowers Bradley Smith 1297
2355 Titanium07DH Wally Connare 1219
3853 DTB Warriors Dave Huff 989
4397 The Controlled Crashes Jake Hostetler 889




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