VK DH Trail Work

Well surprise surprise, after Friday’s snow we were ready to can the trail work for today, but it turned out to be warm and sunny, with magical dirt that somehow had shed all the rain fall and was perfect for digging and packing.

Apart from Mike C and myself, no downhillers showed up, but thankfully there was about 10 guys there to work on the XC trail, and Kevin D and Mark from the Orville Cycling Club came over to help sling some dirt on the DH trail.

The grafters deserve a break.

We achieved a lot considering the small group: On the upper 1/3 of DH1 we reshaped the first roller, the second roller has been turned into a take off and we moved the third roller up to serve as a landing.  We moved the next berm to a better spot and added more kick out of it, then built a nice pre-jump into the little hip roller.  And we re-finished the creek gap jump too.  That whole section should flow really nicely now, and drainage looks to be very good.  There are a few more features we want to add to the upper 1/3, but she’ll be ready to ride with just a few more dry days.

There will probably be work on-going most weekends at the Knob, so keep your eyes peeled here or at 331 for more build days.


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