Vulture’s Knob Downhill Trail Map

Here it is folks, the master plan:

So how close are we to realizing a new DH venue in Ohio?  We’re getting there, with a lot of hard work by a few folks.  In summary:

  • DH1 Intermediate: 95% complete, can be ridden top to bottom.  The top 2/3 of the trail is quite flat, with a very short uphill section that requires some pedaling, but that’s what pedals are for and it’s good training to make legs strong for larger courses.  There are loads of different sized jumps and some very sweet berms towards the bottom.  Right now the trail is unrideable due to our wet weather, but we were riding it in the fall.  Enough to know that we need to make some changes to the rather large jumps in the middle and fine tune a few features.
  • DH2 Advanced: 10% complete.  Trail is flagged and needs to be cleared, but we could be riding this new trail top to bottom with about a days worth of work between a few souls. This trail have a more natural feel compared to DH1, but it shares the topography so expect a flattish but hopefully fast upper section.
  • DH3 Expert: 75% complete.  Trail is cleared and rideable, but is basically a short steep section branching off DH2 that will test your skills.   The trail dives via some steep but flat corners to the bottom of the ravine and then goes relatively flat to get to the finish area.
  • Super D connector: 0% complete.  This will be a great addition, connecting DH1 to the very cool Super D finish in a little ravine.  A great alternate finish.

In reality, all the trails are intermediate level, with a few advanced features and sections.  We were never going to have world class DH trails at Vulture’s Knob given the topography, but what we will have is a handful of trails that are fun to ride and keep us entertained, building skills and fitness for larger tracks.  A training area really.

We need your help to get there though.  Our next build day is Saturday, March 12.  We will be repairing and tweaking features for the first ever Mini-Downhill race at the Knob on May 1st.

And if you’re wondering, yes, it’s a push up track.  To much of a pansy to push up?  Fine by us…the rest of us will get stronger and beat you at the races!

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